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There I was, maxed out credit cards, a baby on the way, and our new business failing. I was struggling to break the news to my wife who had put her faith and trust in me. I had failed her. That's when I realized I needed help...

Over the next 4 long years, I literally read hundreds of books and watched thousands of videos on business. Sadly, there wasn't a book, video, or course that showed the step-by-step: why go into business, how to tell a good from a bad business, how to start, who to hire, how to grow, everything! I learned the lessons the long and often very painful way. After 4 years, I made my own roadmap of everything I would need to start and grow my next business. The opportunity to put it into practice came sooner than expected...

One day, my wife thought of the brilliant idea of valet trash for apartments. No one was doing it in our area and it had all the green lights of a great business. But, instead of jumping in with both feet, my roadmap said to test it first. It completely flopped. Nobody wanted it. We shut it down after just 2 months. If that had been my first business, I would still be struggling to make that bad business succeed. The newly created roadmap saved my bacon!

Thankfully, another opportunity came soon: home generators. Again, it looked like another great idea on paper so we tested it. It took off! We made $300K in our first 3 months. To give perspective, my previous business (the one with the maxed out credit cards) took 3 years to make that much. Another win for the roadmap!

As they say, "a smart man learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from others." This Masterclass is my personal step-by-step roadmap to starting and running your own $100K/mo business so you too can be a wise man.

Now, before we get started, let me take you to dinner! Like any good relationship, we gotta get to know each other. Come to my live class (it’s on me) and we’ll go through everything you need to know to get started...

Masterclass Sneak Peak...

How To START A Business:

$100K/Mo In 1st Year (10 Steps)
1. Starting: Are You Ready?
2. Movies: Your Motivation
3. Books: Your Education
4. Partner Up: Your Missing Link
5. Idea: $100K/Mo in 1st Year
6. Plan: Begin With The End In Mind
7. Test: AKA Sales
8. All In OR New Idea?
9. Systems: Create A Machine
10. Team: 10X Your Business

How To AUTOMATE A Business:

$100K/Mo & Beyond (7 Steps)
1. Scale OR New Business?
2. Family Constitution
3. Business Constitution
4. Operations Quadrant
5. Marketing Quadrant
6. Finance Quadrant
7. Legal Quadrant

Ammon Takau, St Geezy & Landslide Festival

“Working with Addison has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. As a person he has extremely high integrity and an incredible work ethic. He is very talented in understanding the small steps and systems needed while clearly seeing the 'big picture'. Our partnership has helped me become more proactive in business and less reactive, thinking and acting more like a big business."
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